Space Environment Technologies (SET) provides multiple resources for the space weather and space systems communities. We provide insight into standards in development, we make available team member publications, and we support K-14 educational activity. Standards provide common definitions, data, products, practices and transactions between diverse communities of users and producers to facilitate communication and commerce. Standards are developed at international, national, and organizational levels. Our Standards links identify ISO, AIAA, Corporate, ECSS, and SIF standards related to space weather and the space environment. Our Publications links provide a broad range of original scientific and engineering papers and documents from all areas of SET’s team member activity. Our Service links present useful tools for individuals, for teachers, for students, and for the public.


Standards Organizations

International Standards Organization standards in development for the space environment

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics standards in development for the space environment

Space Environment Technologies standards for quality assurance

European Cooperations for Space Standardization

Space Infrastructure Foundation standards access for space systems

Resource Links











Resource Areas

Heliosphere/Outer Planets
Peer-review publications on the heliosphere and solar system

Satellite Protection
Peer-review publications on satellite applications

Radiation Decision Aids
Peer-review publications on radiation applications

Navigation Accuracy
Peer-review publications on navigation applications

Communication Solutions
Peer-review publications on communication applications

Space Policy
Peer-review publications on space policy

SET Technical Reports
Space Environment Technologies Technical Reports


Resources Areas

Space Environment and Spacecraft Interactions
12-part lecture series at a first year college graduate, survey course level

Impacts of Space Weather
Heliophysics Summer School lecture 2013

Characterizing the global aviation radiation environment
Heliophysics Summer School lecture 2020

KML files for Google Earth
Google Earth KML files related to space weather

Aurora in the solar system
K-14 teacher workshop on Aurora in the solar system

Community service
Community activities by SET team members

Memorials to mentors
Memorial pages to mentors of space weather

Space weather glossary
Definitions of space weather terms

COSPAR International Reference Atmosphere

CIRA is the COSPAR International Reference Atmosphere. Here are links to the tasks for CIRA as well as chapters 1-6.

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